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Cole is winning and Kendrick is winning, then why aren’t you winning like that? Let me tell myself that they don’t believe that I’m as nice as these niggas.” Everybody’s like, “If those guys are doing that, then why do you think you’re not on the level of...” So you’re basically telling me I should be there. A woman says she’s pregnant loud and clear at the end of S. Tell me you’re a victim to the marketing.” You get the “If J. And I tell myself, “Maybe they’re trying to fuck with me to get a reaction.The source of the euphoria was the song “Contract Extension,” a cut from Maybach Music Group’s forthcoming compilation Self Made 4, which Wale is at the forefront of as both a rapper and A&R. He was wearing Givenchy, tight jeans, and black and red Jordan 1s. I thought, “Man this guy is going to be vicious.” I met him at Westlake Studios. You also seem very invested in building your own creative team and label, Every Blue Moon. When I had EBM at Roc Nation it was called Allure at first. Summer on Sunset is about your first few months living in Los Angeles, being far away from home and the East Coast you grew up on. Throughout the night, Wale also played potential thumpers from his upcoming SHINE album (Still Here, Ignoring Negative Energy), set to come out later this summer. Another is called “Scarface, Rozay & Gotti,” which pays homage to the vibes the aforementioned rappers create. Every Blue Moon originally was going to be the first imprint under Roc Nation. I found [singer] Sam Dew and thought he’d be as big as The Weeknd, but he had some personal issues that wouldn’t allow that to happen. I just had to let people know that I went through it like they went through it. “Fish and Grits” also knocks, and features buddy Travis Scott’s woozy vocals. I had Tiara Thomas, who would be huge right now if she had just said, “I’m rolling with Wale.” We never toured “Bad.” Jay and them trusted me. It being the day after the BET Awards meant that many artists were still in town, hours away from hopping on flights back to New York City, Miami, Atlanta, or wherever home is. It’s like the instruction manual for every girl who lands some money. But then I left Roc Nation after some things changed there. Is that something that has actually happened recently? is a women leaving an “I’m pregnant” voicemail to you.

A hardcore fan of hip hop and pop music, Thomas developed her sound early and set out to carve her own lane in music by fusing her love for pop and alternative music, ballads, and rap with instrumentation.

You just have to wait and listen to SHINE when it comes.

But I know you’re not a fantasy, “I rap from other people’s perspective” rapper.

He said, “Shoot one with my sons in my old hood.” I’m not celebrating what he did. He said, “I pray to God about everything that I did.” All I’m saying is [my music] reached him. They’ll change it again, then delete tweets if I go off. Cole and Kendrick are two niggas that I love to death. Kendrick probably would have written a better verses for that song.

I’ll finesse it and get it done how it needs to get done.

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