Validating steam files stuck at 54

In the days before bright colour light signals and track circuits the application of detonators was really the only way that a train could be fully protected.

It was all too easy for the driver to miss a paraffin-lit semaphore signal in the dark, especially if the train was pulled by a steam engine.

The start of the video below excellently illustrates the rather lackadaisical approach to safety on the Underground when it came to what is now rather grandly termed “the platform train interface”.

Southern’s belated efforts at explaining the issues from their perspective include the above video which shows just how good a view the driver has when closing the doors.

With debate set to continue over the role in the coming months, this seems an appropriate time to look at the role of the railway guard and its relevance today.

The trains on this route that start from East Grinstead all have cameras fitted and a full set of monitors for door operation situated in the drivers cab.

To bluntly rephrase what Modern Railways asserts, by collecting the revenue and paying the TOC to provide the service, the Df T is effectively bankrolling the effects of this dispute and so enabling GTR to resist any financial pressure from the unions to settle. They feel there is no excuse for the railway not being efficient. Some parts of the railway are within a hair’s breadth of being profitable even if not to the extent of being a worthwhile investment.

In fact, the only known example was the famous “Tea Run” on the District Line.

This was a shuttle between Acton Town and South Acton, something we covered in an article on Driverless Trains and the Underground.

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