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Note: before you start installing, GT6 needs lots for free hard drive space to be able to complete the process.

They started developing 2 years ago and are still active and updating! Once the HD light has stopped flashing, press START on the E3 and wait until the LED's on the indicator have reached 100% (Once finished they will flash alternatively). Remove the bkpps3from the SD card and Validate it before doing anything else with it.Generally you should get the E3 clip and put it on an angle (45 degrees) next to the NOR (so you can see the clip's pins), align that with the pins on the NOR chip and drop it down like a lid.The LED's on the indicator will progressively reach 100% (Once finished they will flash alternatively). Turn off the console and flip down all of the switches. This does not guarantee it will work, but its a good indicator. Once you have done that, back it up again and compare MD5 to ensure that your clip is stable enough for the downgrade process. If you get a 10000101, 10000100, 10001100, 10001101 Error then you need to reseat or apply pressure to the E3's clip and try again.

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If the console just booted back into the XMB you need to manually patch the backup. From this point on, follow the main guide starting from Reinstall firmware in Factory Service Mode 1. While in the XMB press START on the flasher and the programming process will begin.

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