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In some circumstances, there will be sync conflicts or duplicate address book entries.These arise when there are two versions of the same contact entry and Google Contacts and Yahoo Address Book isn't sure which is right.It is possible to update in "real time" if "Push" is turned on, but this will have a negative impact on battery life. It seems to be a global switch, but every sync provider (including Google) can be configured individually - and the only options for Google accounts are "Fetch" and "Manually".Though I noticed that if you configure a Google Apps account as "Exchange", the changes are synced instantly.If you move this slider to Off/white, your Google Contacts will be removed from your i Phone, but any changes to contact details that were made and synced to your Google account will be saved there.

How to Manage Contacts and Favorites in the i Phone Address Book But what if your contacts are stored in different locations?This discussions.thread is useful to see the evolution of this feature.Luckily, there's another thread with a collection of weird workarounds to force a sync without toggling contacts sync off/on or restarting the device.It's common that some of our contacts will be stored in our computer's address book, while others are in an online account from Google or Yahoo.How do you easily sync all your contacts to your i Phone?

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This is cumbersome, because often I add a contact on GMail and wish to call that contact from my i Phone.

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