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These are just two of the many musical forms to be found alongside strong traditions of dance, literature, sculpture and painting.The oldest evidence of human activity on Caribbean soil is in Trinidad: the archaeological site at Banwari Trace has yielded artefacts dating back to 5,000 BC.The nightlife on Tobago tends to center on the resorts.

Trinidad and Tobago Hotels and Resorts Many visitors to Trinidad come on business, so the majority of hotels on this island cater to them and are near the capital, including the Hilton Trinidad (Book Now) and the sleek Hyatt Regency Trinidad (Book Now).

One fascinating spot is Pitch Lake, 100 acres of soft, sticky tar that’s the source of much of the world’s asphalt.

Trinidad and Tobago are known for their incredible diversity of wildlife, especially birds.

Home to the biggest Carnival celebration in the Caribbean, the country has the strongest economy of any in the Caribbean, and the capital is a bustling city of a half-million.

Trinidad has incredible wildlife, while Tobago remains a small jewel unspoiled by mass tourism.

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