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Studies that do not test specific relationships between variables are called descriptive studies.

In this research method, general or specific behaviors or attributes are observed and measured, without respect to each other.

Psychology tends to be eclectic, drawing on scientific knowledge from other fields to help explain and understand psychological phenomena.

Qualitative psychological research utilizes a broad spectrum of observational methods, including action research, ethography, exploratory statistics, structured interviews, and participant observation, to enable the gathering of rich information unattainable by classical experimentation.

Except for Nunnally and Bernstein, the items on the reading list are not expected to be read for this course.

Clinical psychology, among many of the various disciplines of psychology, aims at developing in practicing psychologists knowledge of and experience with research and experimental methods which they will continue to build up as well as employ as they treat individuals with psychological issues or use psychology to help others.There are several research methods that psychologists employ: Although there are many different kinds of research designs in psychology, the general kinds of studies are: descriptive or qualitative, correlational, and experimental.The method of data collection also varies, with self-report on one end of the spectrum and naturalistic observation on the other.All branches of psychology can have a research component to them.Research psychology is contrasted with applied psychology.

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