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In order for this apporach to work, you must reference the im impressed, and i do not even know how to use this information. When you do, explain what you mean by "messing it up". As a rule, I don't answer questions on my site unless they are directly related to some aspect of the article that they are posted under. I have tried to implement the last VB soln for an access db. i am undergraduate who is doing my final year project i need some help on certain things for example cmd. string query = "INSERT INTO the Times (ID, User, Lieu Hours) VALUES (? If that doesn't help, you should post a question to the net forums. I have never commented before on this sort of thing - but I am really delighted to have learnt about the sort of thing tonight with so little pain!!somebody gave me an access file (v2003) and they removed the primary key. Execute Scalar()) If Not o Rs Is Nothing Then If Result @Lance I suggest you post a question to the forums at net. Also, it can take hours or days before I moderate a comment and publish it here. What should be "Access Data Source1 " after the handles statement. They are great for relatively simple sites, but once you take on more complex projects, you find that they have a numebr of shortcomings. Execute Scalar() what is it for, and where to use this and is there other stuff like this and where can i find them and how to use. When you do that, the resource that's instantiated within them is automatically closed and disposed of at the end of the block. You won't have to wait days for me to get round to managing this site. I am using MS Access Database one of my important table is having Composite Primary Key. Thanks, But I have a problem when following the steps while using the Sql Data Source, it's that it works only once and when trying to add second record the .At the end of the 'using' block, Dispose() is automatically called on objects created in the beginning of the block.If you do not employ 'using' blocks, make sure you explicitly call conn. There is no real performance difference between the methods.

Hi When reading the your article you posted i thought you might help. Protected Sub Form View1_Item Inserting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. But when storing I have a hard time updating all the parent ids so that they match with the actual id got with Scope_Identity.Double click the Inserted event, which will create an event handler in code-behind, and associate the Sql Data Source with the event handler.To retrieve the value from the event handler is straightforward: work with Access and the Data Source controls is to reuse the control's Connection object against a new Command object to retrieve @@Identity. )"; string query2 = "Select @@Identity"; int ID; string connect = "Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=|Data Directory|time.mdb"; using (Ole Db Connection conn = new Ole Db Connection(connect)) @Neil At a guess, because you don't provide the error message details you get when the site "boms out", I would remove the ID value from the SQL query on the assumption that it might be an Autonumber column, and you should not enter values into it.The following controls are some of the controls that derive from Data Bound Control.The Ad Rotator control allows you to display a graphic banner on a Web page that is linked to a specific URL.

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