Spanked for dating

The story rapidly came out: It seems that someone was illegally selling whisky shots at the game and the kids had each had two drinks on a dare.

Not being used to drinking, and feeling odd, Jim had wisely decided to sit at the schoolyard rather than attempt to drive.

Sam filled him in on what the kids had done, of his tentative plans for Sara’s punishment and of Jim’s offer to accept the same punishment from Sam.

Jim’s father immediately agreed that this was one case where Jim could have exactly what he wanted.

A quick check found the couple in the front seat fast asleep, Sara’s head nestled on Jim’s shoulder.

With a sigh of relief, Sam noted that their clothing was still in good order, and little could have happened in this brightly lit, public place.

” Jim gulped, and squeaked “y-y-y yes sir.” (but he silently vowed that no sounds would escape his lips) “This is your absolutely last chance to change your mind!

“You know that there is no guarantee that I will ever allow you to see my daughter again even if she still wants to see you after her punishment? “You understand that Sara will hear you get punished and will hear you cry?

He was beginning to pace, inadvertently communicating his jitters to his wife, Jan.

It was their 16-year-old daughter Sara’s first “real” date; meaning a date that involved her alone with her boyfriend Jim in his car.

“Okay,” Sam finally said, “you win; remove your shoes, shirt and pants and fold them up nice for me so I can carry them away.” Meanwhile, Jan was upstairs as her freshly-scrubbed daughter finally came out of the bath, dressed only in a bra and panties looking genuinely contrite and teary-eyed.

Jan gathered her daughter in a long hug and told her how glad she was to have her back home safely and how much she loved her.

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