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The population density was 102.3 people per square mile (39.5/km²).There were 65 housing units at an average density of 100.7 per square mile (38.9/km²).Some evidence, such as a second bloody knife, turned up in a trash bin behind the Keddie general store.Several suspects were named in the case, including Marty Smartt, a close friend of the local sheriff, and “Bo” Boubede, a supposed hitman for the Chicago and Las Vegas mobs.

Both the original and back-up recording of the anonymous phone call that led the Butte County Sheriff’s office to the location of Tina’s remains were released to an undisclosed law enforcement official.

Shortly thereafter, the recordings disappeared—prompting some to suspect a police cover-up.

In 2004, Cabin 28 was demolished along with several other condemned buildings on the grounds.

The discovery of Tina’s remains compounded a case already steeped in mystery.

Why was the body of Tina Sharp found so far away from Cabin 28?

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