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"I came here in 1999 and no one would have dreamed of doing this.

But now the summer days seem warmer, and longer."It was -20C in March but the sun was out and the air was still, with an almost spring-like feel.

This is climate change in Greenland, where locals say longer and warmer summers mean the country can grow the kind of crops unheard of years ago.

Sodomy Laws updated with help of ACLU -- holders: We are not trying to assert any rights to your article.

We operate as a repository with a virtually unlimited storage capacity. Age Of is a repository of both legal and commentary information on laws relating to sexual activity.

But the thawing of its ice sheets has seen a boost in mining and oil exploration as well as an interest in agriculture.

"I expect a lot of development in sheep farming and agriculture due to global warming," said the outgoing Prime Minister, Kuupik Kleist, whose government set up the commission.

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