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'Well, that's Brad and he sent me over here to tell you he loves you and wants to go steady.'Call me strange but I was far more complimented than if he'd said it across the candlelit dinner table earlier that evening, when both of us were tarted up and looking fabulous, totally unaware I was about to swallow a dodgy oyster. .' or, 'That's why I've decided to break it off – you don't feel the same way.'Another less traumatic option is to pop it at the very, very end of a conversation when you can disappear immediately after saying it.

The coward's way of saying it first is to say, 'I think I'm falling in love with you.' If they look at you in horror, you can always say, 'Don't panic, I know it's just casual with us. Like just before you walk through the doors to catch a plane or at the end of a phone call.

When looking at actual relationships, however, men were more likely to profess their feelings first!

62% of participants reporting on past relationships and 70% reporting on current relationships stated that the man said “I love you” first.

Not hearing “I love you, too” is going to crush your partner — true.

But as long as you explain that it doesn’t mean that you never will love him or her, things will be okay.

In another few studies, these same researchers examined whether men and women have better reactions to statements of love before or after having sex in the relationship.

Women were happier and felt more positive emotion if first declarations of love came after sexual intimacy in the relationship.

On average, men started thinking about professing their love about 3 months into the relationship whereas women in the study started thinking about it closer to 5 months into the relationship.

Researchers suggest this happens because women’s physiological traits (i.e., childbearing abilities) are evolutionary more “valuable.” Therefore, women can afford to wait for declarations of love and be more selective about who they choose to love…or have sex with.

Just like everything else, dating has a learning curve. In other words, some are very timid, and others like to experiment.

Some don’t gather too much data on dating; others have multiple anthologies on the subject.

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