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As with most other languages, you can call your custom PHP functions within other custom PHP functions.

The To use this database, we need to insert some data into the table.

PHP also offers a number of well-defined APIs for features such as XML transforms and on-the-fly generation of images and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

After a brief introduction to PHP scripting, this article describes how to compile PHP as a dynamically loaded Apache module with DB2 support.

The PHP installation process does not get things right with a standard Red Hat 6.2 system, so that we have to edit the Apache configuration file, the Apache initialization script, and restart the Web server as follows: To demonstrate some of the basic operations you can perform with PHP and DB2, we'll create a set of Web pages to help you manage a database table that contains data on a set of authors.

First we will create a table to hold our author data, then write a PHP script that enables us to browse through existing authors.

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The article concludes with several examples that demonstrate how to connect to, insert data into, and select data from a database using PHP.

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