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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Seriously, she could stand t make a fortune from the company (depending on how big of a company it is). From my POV, she's improved her bargaining leverage 10 fold. She will be a cheap renewable source of entertainment and laughter for you. Hey thanks , this is tough for me she really is a great girl , I for sure do not want to loose her as a friend....knows what they are doing is very very wrong and insists she never ment for things to turn out this way..... or 2) the realistic approach, Dont give your friend any advice, that will kill a friendship faster then walking through Bagdad with a Re-elect President Bush T-shirt,personally I wouldnt tell the wife nothing good comes from telling the wife, ratting him out may make you feel better but what about the other party? I am for sure not going to tell his wife it is not my place to do so .....would be his job don't you think? And yes I would want to know also if I were his wife but I would want him to tell me..........The real entertainment and laughterwill come when her boss' wife finds outabout the affair. I have seen them together and it is very clear that she I think is in love with him and he the same with her if not very very close.... But I do agree with what you said as far as trusting him not to do it to her. Becoming involved with a married man in any situation is not wise, but your boss is double trouble!Although friends at work were support- ive, other colleagues made negative comments and revelled in saying it wouldn’t last.I shed a lot of tears but our critics were silenced when Dave proposed to me last October.UP to a fifth of us now meet our partners at work, with as many as half of office romances leading to 60th year of Agatha Christie's marriage.It’s a trend captured in hit TV series Mad the boss has its pros and cons, as three people who did just that reveal.

I'm only 30 and I'm obviously aware that he might just be using me... He is everything I wish I could have in a man, he is romantic, awesome in bed, smart, intelligent and I feel a big admiration because the fact that he is my boss.

I think two people that should have met 20 years ago....didn't but I know she will hurt in the long run, I want to say something but fear loosing her...will remain in my life but he will not so I worry what will we gain if I tell her what I think...... :) Both will hopefully get what they justly deserve. The biggest part of the time is just a passing phase and when it's over, who do you think will go?

But the best thing for you to do is tell her your opinion and let it go.

If she is bound to do this nothing you or anybody else says is gonna change it! I am asking because I feel a bit torn by concern for her she is my friend and well no she did not ask for advice but I feel as her friend I should express something towards her regarding this...I didn't care what kind of friend would I be.......

I am asking for myslef with help on what to do ......

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