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If I saw terrorist activity, I would tell the soldiers, so basically you could say I became an informant.Yes, in the eyes of the terrorists I was a traitor and a spy.In fact, according to Islam, someone who commits suicide is not permitted to be buried in a Muslim cemetery.All the Islamic violence is for political reasons, when they started to mix religion and politics. What I did find, in the opening chapters, were all these remarkable stories about the Jewish patriarchs, about the Exodus from Egypt, about the giving of the Torah.But I wanted to have a quiet village, a normal life.The terrorists’ activities were making life difficult for us, the local people. In 1983, Hezbollah began staging more attacks against Israel, just like Hamas is doing now.

I loved the Israelis so much, I made the tremendous effort to reach them and bring them information. I also know many Arabs here in Israel and believe me, most of them want to live in peace and quiet.

But the Beirut government was very weak, and in reality, Palestinian terrorists ruled the area.

They made sure to harass and punish those of us in various ways because of our political opinions. Our lives before the Israelis came were filled with terror.

Knowing that my family was safe in Israel gave me encouragement to serve even more.

I worked at gathering information with all the security forces: the Army, the Shin Bet and Mossad. Israel wants peace so badly and what did we get in return? Remember, it’s not only the Jews that Hamas is fighting.

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I know they relied on me to prevent attacks and I felt responsible to be a reliable conduit and bring them as much information as I could. It was time for my dream to be realized and move to Israel. I think 90% would prefer to live under Israel than under Arab rule. If you do not believe in Moses, you do not believe in Islam. Islamic terror groups murdering thousands in Syria to create a Muslim state? People ask me if I am afraid, if I have received threats from Hezbollah.

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