Effects of teenage dating violence

IYG is a groundbreaking health education program designed at the UTHealth School of Public Health approximately 10 years ago to delay sexual behavior and promote healthy dating relationships.

The study, recently published in the American Journal of Public Health, examined 766 students in 10 middle schools in a large, urban school district in southeast Texas.

Forty-four percent of the students were African American and 42 percent were Hispanic.

Teen dating violence, including physical, emotional, sexual and the newest — digital abuse — can leave lasting damage.

“This research showed us we need to start with the basics,” explains Peskin.

“We need to have conversations in our homes and schools about healthy relationships, even what makes a good friendship.” To prevent any type of dating violence, it is important to learn skills on how to form positive relationships.

Other studies suggest that more than 20 percent are victims of emotional dating violence.

Previous studies indicate that adolescent dating violence begins in middle school, and that this form of violence disproportionately affects ethnic-minority students.

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“Geared toward middle school students, the program is widely used for teen pregnancy prevention,” says Melissa Peskin, Ph.

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