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They tell themselves that they’re not good- looking enough. That “Total 10″ women are only interested in rich, powerful guys. These are quick, easy, and you can try them out tonight. In fact, make sure you visit a place that is REALLY busy, so you can see a lot of people interacting. Observe exactly how, when, and where they approach the most beautiful women in the room. You’ll begin to pick out the guys who approach a lot of women, asking them to dance, buying them drinks, etc. Note what works and what doesn’t, right there in front of your own eyes. Stores in malls mostly hire attractive young saleswomen. I want you to start a conversation with one of these women. Then take advantage of that free “face time” with a beautiful, friendly woman. #3) HAVE A PLAN It amazes me how many guys don’t plan ahead. But most guys have no idea what they’re going to say or do in advance, so they get even more nervous and afraid as they approach a woman. After all, fear is NOT KNOWING what’s going to happen in a given situation. That in mind (and before I get to those WORDS I SWORE I’D NEVER SAY) here are 3 quick tips to help you overcome your fear of being rejected by beautiful women. Ask her for samples and ask her to give you her opinion. Once you get used to starting conversations with women you don’t know, and staying comfortable while you’re talking to them, you’ve already won half the battle.I was asked a great question in one of my advanced seminars that went to the heart of what we’re talking about. If you’ve been learning from me for awhile, you know I swore I would NEVER, EVER talk about relationships. They want to take things to the “next level” in their lives.It went something like this: Like I said, it was a great question. Right”, you can use that knowledge to attract and get dates with any woman you want. This is where I’m going to say words I once swore that I’d NEVER, EVER say… You can use that same knowledge to CREATE AN AMAZING EXCITING, LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH A “TOTAL-10″ WOMAN! They want to create the foundation for a long, exciting, fulfilling relationship with their “perfect woman”… Well you know me…I can’t walk away from a challenge. They’ll say something like, “That’s so nice of you, but I have a boyfriend” or something similar. …once you have the tools in your “mental arsenal” to do it. But, after years of not getting women, I finally got tired of watching other guys go home with the kind of women that I went home alone and… Like I said, you may not get an actual date right off the bat (at least, not until you learn EXACTLY what you need to do to make it happen…) but these women definitely won’t turn into “monsters”. They’ll actually bend over backwards NOT to hurt your feelings. The #1 thing preventing you from getting amazing women…and possibly even keeping you from CHANGING YOUR WHOLE LIFE because of it… That’s why I need you to understand right now, before you waste any more time being “afraid”, that ELIMINATING YOUR FEAR IS EASIER THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED…Slow at times, some parts overly simplistic (personality types), may feel a bit 'off topic' for some people as it goes beyond simple dating tips and covers 'self actualization', ie how to change yourself to improve your dating success in the long term as a result.This is mostly a mindset, almost philosophical product, which has its value but is not for guys who are looking for step-by-step techniques to apply in specific situations, it's more complementary to those.

#2) PRACTICE WITH A “SURE THING” Next, practice approaching women who are actually PAID to talk to you. But here’s the truth about what they’re REALLY doing… They’ll seem out of control, over the top, or under confident.

my fear was the only REAL obstacle stopping me from getting dates with them! But here’s the thing: The smoke finally cleared, and I finally could see THE REAL TRUTH about all this. There was actually NOTHING TO FEAR about approaching beautiful women. I found that, if you approach these women in a positive, respectful way, they will almost ALWAYS respond positively to you in return. In fact, most of the time if they’re not interested, they’ll go out of their way NOT to blow you up or shoot you down. I’m telling you because, right now, I can almost guarantee it…

These excuses for failure with beautiful women are total B. The sad fact was…before I understood what it took to BECOME THE KIND OF MAN THAT THESE WOMEN WANT… I decided that the BEST way to overcome my fears was to get all “Nike” on the situation, and “JUST DO IT.” So, like some kind of kamikaze pilot, I started approaching women. Yes, in the beginning, I didn’t get any dates (more on the reasons for that in a moment).

You’ll start making the most amazing women on the planet start to feel an instant, irresistible attraction to you — no matter how “hot” or “unattainable” they used to seem.

You’ll suddenly have the confidence you need to stop making embarrassing mistakes on approach — and start having your pick of the crop.

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