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They're a little bit heavier than hardtail bikes since the suspension system weighs a little more.

I myself don't have a rear suspension on my bike since I like to roll old school.

Mark Clattenburg, famous referee/grade-A glory boy who decorates his biceps with tattoos to commemorate big games he called, quit his job as an English Premier League official on Thursday to become the head referee of Saudia Arabia's football league.

Ford is sticking with its plan to build two new factories in Mexico, despite an announcement last month that it had scrapped plans for a plant in the central state of San Luis Potosi.

Mountainbiking in Boulder, Colorado a couple of years ago (a friend on her bike-- I took the pics so nobody has a pic of me doing some boulder hopping): Aspen forests in Winter Park, Colorado: That's a hardtail bike you have there.

If you don't have a rear suspension system, your bike has a hard tail.

Well its spring and many people are starting to take out their bicycles and storing their skis/snowboards away.

It's a great bike-- perfectly set up for cross-country style mountain biking on single track and some light downhill.So they're not always practical, especially if your bike spends the majority of time on paved roads.Well, since nobody's posting anything about bikes, I may as well. At one time I just wanted to ride my bike to get from point A to point B. When I was in college, I bought my first brand new bike (first one I purchased for myself-- my parents got me bikes when I was a kid). It's pretty much like a stone-age bike by today's standards.I used it to do the 5-borough bike ride around New York City, where they closed down a bunch of roads all throughout the city and they let thousands of people through as if it were a tour.I also used it on a 100 mile Tour de Cure bike ride to raise money for diabetes.

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I'm no bike expert, so what's the difference between a Hardtail and Softail MTB? It was 20c today, the warmest day of the year so far so I took out my bike hoping to ride for a couple hours, but my tires were flat so i ended up doing less. If you don't have a rear suspension system, your bike has a hard tail.

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