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It will be interesting to see what the dorm's position on this is, should it not get readily resolved.A couple of years back I heard horror stories from a friend.This is a tough situation that I'm far removed from (I was in college in the late 70's.I had lots of girlfriends in those years but never would think of having her sleep in my room with my roommates there; my kids are only 10 & 12 so haven't had to deal with this from the parent perspective). Most college romances are intense but brief so maybe this will blow over.For the past week, she has been omnipresent in their room, sleeping over every night.My so is not thrilled with the idea of waking up in the dorm room with a member of the opposite sex there every morning, not feeling comfortable changing in his room, etc. I am surprised that the roommates/suitemates would gang up on him, and it's ridiculous to claim that wanting to be able to live in your own room without a chick hanging around is prudish (might be different if this were a house).

Our biggest issue was that I am not a night owl and I had classes which started at 8 every day.

I find your son's expectations a lot more reasonable than his roomie or suitemate's expectations, but at some level the real issue is that their expectations are different and incompatible. part of me thinks that the time to renegociate the situation is now.

And if this girl lives on campus so this isn't a freak occurrance. Disclaimer: My freshman year roomie suggested we trade roomies with another set of girls on our floor about three weeks into the semester.

His roommate and suitemates think he is being a prude. This isn't a matter of your son drawing a moral judgement.

Your son signed up for a double and shouldn't have to have a triple. Another route that might get the desired result but might alienate the roommate (oh, well, too late for that, the roommate has already alienated your son) is to discuss it with an RA/RD. Any possibility of your son moving into a different room or different dorm?

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