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Some cultures are more likely to do this than others because they are from a 'we talk to anyone' kind of background.

Ramzi's profile picture is of a near-pixellated image of a man with a very precisely shaven panelled beard.How many Facebook friend requests do you get from strangers? Sometimes they'll be from people who've read my writing or friends of friends who've seen my comments under mutuals' statuses.But mostly—17 out of the last 20 times—the request is from a guy I've never seen before.Hello Lovely family members, Marry Christmas to you all, our database is still growing and we hope to have as many people on board as possible in order to aid in speedy delivery of contacts for hook ups.Remember, the more the members, the more the chances of getting someone closer for hookups so please try to refer this page to other friends while we try to get our service rich with genuine people nearby.

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Choose your venue carefully, since there is nothing less sexy than turning up at a sleazy, badly run joint.

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