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It sounds like talk born of experience, though Mi-jin doesn’t elaborate.

Chez Shameless, Arang is disguised as one of the employees and lets “delivery guy” Moo-jin in.

Watching at a distance is Seung-pyo, who may be more bummed about their flirtiness than he’d like.

It’s hard to tell since he’s working the whole inscrutable angle, but I’m going with bummed.

Seung-pyo retorts that it was quite painful, actually, and they’re about to launch into another petty sniping session, I can just feel it.

But there’s no time for that today because Mi-jin arrives, forcing the men to duck behind the counters.

She merely warns Min-young to remember her cardinal rule in the future: No men in the kitchen.

He pops up to confront the scenario head-on, and Mi-jin asks if he’s Min-young’s boyfriend. ” at the mere idea, but Byung-hoon sure does look smug to say yes. Mi-jin is pretty cool about his unauthorized presence, considering.

Mi-jin had been worked for Chef Shameless’ restaurant, gotten fired, and then was accused of stealing a recipe from him.

Arang’s recon work shows them the secret locked room in the restaurant, which is where he supposedly makes the sauce from that stolen recipe. Min-young is firmly with her fellow woman and complains that men are so quick to look down on successful women.

Min-young says that she heard all about the rumors, and that’s why Mi-jin toughened up so much and became determined to prove herself on skill alone.

And nobody believed that the stolen recipe was hers, because she was the woman, the employee, the younger one.

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That evening, Dal-in spots the two ladies walking by and pops out to greet them, exchanging pleasantries.

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