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Could it be that we pride ourselves on the unpretentious simplicity it represents?

The French can keep their croissants and let Americans queue for hours for a faddish “cronut” if they so choose; all we want is a humble pasty. The hack of the adultery website Ashley revealed the scale of unfaithfulness in Britain, with 1.6 million of us signed up and ready to cheat.

Is Cooper the Taylor Swift of British politics, and Liz Kendall the Nicki Minaj? Hip-pop artist Minaj tweeted to complain about the lack of MTV Award nominations for her “Anaconda” video, pointing out the ways in which black women are still sidelined by the music industry, even as white feminism is beginning to be embraced.

Pop singer Taylor Swift, who had herself been nominated, took this as a personal dig and questioned Minaj’s support for other female artists: “@Nicki Minaj I’ve done nothing but love & support you. Maybe one of the men took your slot.”By Thursday, however, Swift and Minaj had settled their differences amicably (“I thought I was being called out.

Women don’t always have to agree, let alone be bezzy mates in order to advance equality.

Thus a serious point about intersectionality was reduced to a catfight and Minaj was told in no uncertain terms to pipe down. Similarly, the concept of the sisterhood has not been entirely helpful to the Labour leadership campaigns.

The couple had pledged their commitment to each other in front of friends and family only two weeks before Kate’s husband, Jason, was tempted back into his old right-swiping ways.

Dating websites have been a godsend for the single, but they can also stymie relationships from the very start.

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