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We had so many things in common and a great physical connection.I was really starting to think there was long-term potential here.If someone really is into you, but the feelings aren't mutual, the person being dumped is gonna feel hurt... She however, is falling deeper and deeper as the days go on. Normally I have just stopped talking to them until they got so pissed they would break up with me. We had a wonderful time when we were together and he never said anything about not feeling the same way I did. I knew it hurt him to see the pain he was causing me, but I respected his honesty. The best way to do it is to just tell her and be honest, I mean really is that not the grown up way to do this.

You have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with a clear conscience when its all said and done. Take a few minutes to sit down and imagine that a girl was breaking up with you, how would you like her to do it?

If you can do that, then you did it as close to the right way, as there is. Would you like her to just quit talking to you, ignore your calls? Would you like her to tell you that she thinks you're a really neat guy, but she doesn't feel that the relationship meets her needs...?

No there is NO easy way, AND it is using your kahunas to decide to be a decent human being by not just disappearing, or pissing her off, so you can behave like some spineless punk... A self respecting woman isn't gonna want to be with a man that doesn't want her. The right way is to be upfront and honest and tell her you're not into her anymore. Well, I mean aside from acting like a jerk as you have in the past breakups. We had Rock and Roll, and we had prophets whose words appeared in subway cars and tenement halls. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!

Part of this commitment issue was we wasn't ready to be exclusive and was seeing another girl for recreation, because she is a polyamory and has a boyfriend. Sunday night he comes over and is freaked out because an outbreak of herpes just started.

Basically, she was the mistress but I was the main squeeze. He didn't see it the day before and the previous evening we had sex.

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