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Don't be to rigid with this, afterall it is not about the quantity of pages you read but the quality of your understanding. Sometimes an hour will pass and you hardly noticed, other times 30 minutes seems like too much. I also like the Book Instroductions, which provide a really good overview in plain English for each of the books of the Bible.

All in all, this is the teen study Bible of my choice.

It is probably not great "bedtime reading" material.

It probably works best to set aside 30 - 45 minutes every day. One of the many cool features is Dear Jordan, where a question suitable for a teenager is answered by a sort of biblical counselor. It does not shy away from the more serious subjects, such as rape, for which I think it should be applauded.

Another good place to start would be the Book of James.

Take your time The Bible, including a teen Bible, is not an easy read.

There's also the Daily Devos: 365 meaningful lessons from the bible for every day.

It does have 8 pages of full-color maps, which is a nice touch and really helps to put the Bible in a geographical context.

Although I feel there are better books for those looking for a good Bible suitable for teenager, this book definitely deserves to be in my top 5.

Although obviously aimed at getting teenagers interested in a study and deeper understanding of the Bible and the Bible stories, it also serves my purpose perfectly and anyone who is on a similar quest for knowledge & understanding.

In this article I will discuss my top 5 of teen Bibles.

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Teen Life Application Study Bible makes it to my top 5, because it really is a great book.

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