Baseball dating sayings

” — 2) Big league (or bush league): At the highest level (big league), used as a noun or an adjective.

OED connects “big league” specifically with American Major League Baseball, and cites its first use in 1899; the non-baseball use appeared first in 1947.

“Can you help a young artist break through to the big league?

” — Big league: a group of teams in a professional sport, especially baseball, competing for a championship at the highest level. 3) To cover one’s bases: To ensure safety; to be prepared for every contingency.

“But there are larger sidecar-rig builders that sell the bike and sidecar assembled and ready to go. It sells about 600 bikes a year—or half its total production—to customers in the U.

“First, ask yourself whether the organisation can afford to put the event on.

Is there a ballpark figure of what you want to spend and does this cover all the costs?

“No entertainment brand had a better weekend than Effectively to hit a home run: when a batter strikes the ball with such force as to hit it out of the stadium or playing field.

10) Inside baseball: Esoteric or highly technical information.

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