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They separate Christ's intercessory work from His atoning work.The biblical doctrine is sin cannot be removed or atoned for outside the the blood of Christ.The biblical doctrine is that Christ's active and passive obedience and perfect righteousness is imputed to believers by faith alone and on that basis are justified.

We don’t judge them as God will be the judge of all, but we maintain separation from them (23).7.We believe that as a fruit of true conversion, a convert must be obedient to the interpretation of the Word and practices (some further discussed below) of the Apostolic Christian church before baptism (6).Then they are a fit temple for the Holy Spirit, are qualified to make a covenant with God, be baptized, and become a member of the Body of Christ (7).3.To maintain that hope we must live an overcoming life by grace, free of sin, which we can only do by walking in the Spirit, striving to follow the example of Jesus Christ and staying close to the Word of God (10).6.We believe we should have close spiritual fellowship only with brethren In the Apostolic Christian church.

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Provings should be closed to non-members so brethren can freely express themselves (9).4.

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