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I seemed to be the only ‘significant other’ at the hotel as I only saw men in suits, talking on their phones or in front of their laptops.

I practiced my Portuguese with the personal trainer at the gym who I had all to myself and the waiters as I ordered my Cokes and burgers.

I jumped at the opportunity to live in Africa for a short period and after all, what I imagined to be an emerging and exciting country.

I couldn't fathom a better time for me to live abroad than during the second year of my Master program when I had a year to complete my Master's Thesis.

We bought a couple of things at Shop Rite and right after paying, the power went out before the receipt was printed!I got the courage to go outside for a run once along the water but turned back after about ten minutes of tolerating the stench from the water and humidity.One day as I looked out the window, I didn’t quite understand what was going on because I just saw trucks driving by filled with furniture and various trinkets.I asked my boyfriend about it that night and he said it was people getting ‘relocated from the ‘mussulos’ nearby.After a week at the Baha, we moved into the newly opened Epic Sana.

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At the end, a few months turned into eight months as an expat living in Angola and here I am, sharing my experience with you!

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