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Once I became a paying member, I'd gotten ZERO, NADA, ZIP, NOT A single reply to my messages there. ", none of the Women on there ever actually replied to me..I'd written well OVER 560 so-called Women on there, after they've sent me a "Likes you too", guess what?? I know because when I "Viewed" them, they're all REPEAT PROFILES..Join the top three adult dating sites and find out which one you like the most. It is not like Casual Dating4u where I found a hot chick a few hours after I signed up and we met in a hotel room the same night. Generally, those sites require time and online dating skills so I will give it a few more weeks, a least.Xdating looks like a good site and - provided the profiles are real - there are plenty of hot ckicks to get in touch with.I even had written to the one's who "Like me" back.. The Women on there are all looking for a one night stand, a Hookup, or are all Bisexual.. They should be taken off the Internet and the very one's who put this SCAMMER FILLED WEBSITE Should be ordered to PAY EVERYONE WHO EVER WENT THERE!!

The rest my friends comes down to you and how you use the site.

Problem is that it is not easy at all because there are, in my opinion, ten times as many men and you hardly find real female profiles.

But you will have this problem on any no strings attached dating site.

It may take you a while to browse the member base but this is some well invested time. But this site is fine as a back up or second option.

And after all you also need to feel comfortable using the site. It is really not that easy to meet chick looking for soem action using those kind of sites.

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