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Experts admitted they were shocked by the results - and warn the research emphasizes the need for more vigorous health regulation of kids' products.

'This was a bit surprising,' Frida Ramstrom, an inspector for the Swedish Chemicals Agency, told AFP.

The agency said it was difficult to determine why more children's toys contained dangerous chemicals.

Almost everywhere else on earth it's waaaay cheaper to go to the pub.Children's toys, however, were more often imported by smaller companies which had less power to make such demands, according to Bjorn Malmstrom, a spokesman for the chemical agency.Swedish law stipulates that chemicals in children's toys 'must never pose a risk to human health'.'This was the first time we did such a study.' Of the 44 sex products examined, only one plastic sex toy was found to contain a banned substance: chlorinated paraffins which is suspected of causing cancer, the agency said.Children's toys were found to contain lead, solvents, and hormone-disrupting phthalates.

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