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I probably wouldn't have ordered if I could have seen the recent instructions for setup which should have been there a long time ago. I cannot return now because it's been too long so I will probably set it up today and see how difficult and see the picture etc. Got it hooked up to my phone via wifi, that the camera generates, within 5 minutes of opening the box. With three kids and two sneaky dogs, this ought to be an eye opener. It never worked, it could never was possible to be configurated. I have yet to configure the automatic alerts and notifications, but for , I now have a Pan-tilt camera that can be placed anywhere in the house and accesses through almost any device I own.

The recorded picture quality was also very clear with good light exposure and consistent decent resolution quality.

I purchased this very small Wi Fi Spy Mini Camera from Fredi Company.

Inside the package was the mini camera, a USB charging cable, some brackets and clips, and a user manual.

When i do it manually it wont let you change the default gateway or dns it will not allow for DHCP although there is an option for it, my result the device gets an ip on my network but can not route because the gateway is not changing. Only buy this if you want to deal with ridiculous directions that do not provide all the information you need to operate the hardware, out of date images in the pc software help file and PC software that sucks and after all that you'll find like i you got no where but wasted time. The included software works great on mobile for on the go and desktop for at home viewing. The picture is not HD but more like a fuzzy picture.

USELESS wish customer reviews would been what they are when I bought damn thing! Camera wouldn't be bad if could find connection to network, only actually connected once for few min, and as soon as positioned camera (10-15ft away from router! The directions are horrible and yes, they are small but I could see them enough to know you have to guess what any of it means,. I managed to get it to connect to my wifi a couple of times but if you shut off the camera or your phone and turn them back on again, the camera seems to be forever in offline mode. And there's no way to tell if the battery needs recharging or if it has been recharged enough.

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