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It is typically 5–10 cm (2–4 in) taller than the Bengal Tiger, which is about 107–110 cm (42–43 in) tall. The cubs are born blind, in a sheltered den, and are left alone when the female leaves to hunt for food.

The female cubs remain with their mothers longer, and later, they establish territories close to their original ranges.

Aurora currently weighs in at 15.5 pounds, Finn is a healthy 17 pounds, and Titan is just at 18 pounds.

The naming contest was held from August 18 though August 25.

The panelists on the forum comprised of: The forum provided additional first-hand viewpoints—those outside of the often associated red flags identified from within a financial institution. It is a problem that is often not fully measured, but happens in our own backyards.

The cubs remain on display with their mom in the Cat Complex.

While they are still nursing, the trio is showing an interest in their mom’s food and they will start eating meat at around three months old.

Ashland, Bellevue, Big Springs, Columbus, Cozad, Fremont, Gering, Grand Island, Greenwood, Hastings, Kearney, Lincoln, Madison, Mc Cook, Milford, Newcastle, Norfolk, North Platte, Omaha, Pilger, Rushville, Scottsbluff In the evening, just at dark, I've had some good action in the park in the pay showers near the campers. I have better luck shopping at the new Super Wal-Marts at night and meeting young guys.

There's a middle stall with small peepholes to see what the other guys are doing. Most of the guys that hang around Ashley appear to have strolled in from Shady Pines retirement home. Cruisy parking lot and along the walking trail around the lake.

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Today, it was announced that keepers have made a decision, based on the names submitted by excited zoo visitors.

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