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That is a loaded phrase for traditional journalists because the editor exercises the gatekeeping function that once gave news groups its power to shape the national narrative.

“Facebook’s goal as a company that seeks to make money for shareholders is to make sure that people stay on its platform as long as possible and read as many posts as possible so that they can sell as many ads as possible at a higher price,” Herbst reminded journalists."If Facebook were to start limiting what people could say on Facebook, it very easily falls into freedom of speech issues, which are already an issue that they deal with from the other side," Sy reminded the audience, citing“This is just the tip of the iceberg as people across the world understand the power of these platforms and how important they are in determining what people know,” Herbst told international journalists in New Delhi.“People are more confused than enlightened these days, and I can only blame technology,” said Vergel Santos, chairman of the board of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility at #Hack Society's panel on Technology and the Public Debate.

In the absence of that one shocking image, we use the girls’ voices and their determination to achieve their potential to shape the conversation.

Though there are continuing reports of the recruitment of child soldiers, the billboard campaign is a step that at least in some part of the military there is a desire to professionalize the force.

Having worked with girls for a decade and coming up to the fifth anniversary of the founding of Girl Determined, a girls’ leadership program in Myanmar, I wonder why there is not a public campaign to root out the use of girls in the war zones as well.

“You spoke about how artificial intelligence is here now,” Lazatin said, “but what we’re seeing on the internet is a different kind of AI, which is Artificial Ignorance.

The bots, the algorithms and the paid trolls, they are purveyors of Artificial Ignorance.”Uson’s page, in return, becomes more powerful because of the increased engagement and invisible web of actions that connect her advocacy page to the others, taking advantage of the actions rewarded by Facebook’s algorithms.

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For the 2016 Philippine presidential elections, Uson campaigned hard for her candidate, then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, onstage and on her Facebook page, which became one of his campaign’s most effective online political advocacy tool.

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