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If the documentarian is interested in your story, he'll reach back.

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You can quite honestly sit at home in your underwear… You’ve more than likely heard the rumours about these free dating sites and thought to yourself… It’s full of experienced women just waiting to meet a guy like you.

slobbing out, whilst you’re lining up another “casual sex” encounter with a stunning girl. Here are some common questions about adult dating: No.

Don't be afraid to open yourself and share your fantasies with her.

So - is the plan to bring back the Ball after the documentary is ready for release?

Do yourself a big favour and try one of them out, make your own opinion based on facts… Obviously there are going to be some strange folk on these types of sites, but on the paid adult sites, it’s seriously such a small percentage that it’s not even worth worrying about.

Listen, if adult sites are good enough for MP’s in Parliament then they are good enough for you!

You can send us an email to initiate discussion, but there are no guarantees - the film covers 30 years of history and we don't want it to run too long.

Our goal is to help create an acclaimed film, one that covers the Ball and its history in an objective manner.

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Search features are pretty cool, messaging is OK, but you can have a lot of fun here if you like naughtier girls.

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