Dating excitement sexual while

Try revisiting some of the activities and personal passions you used to pursue before you two started dating but maybe haven't had time for since.

It could be yoga, running, photography, or even just Thursday happy hours with friends.

Any kind of adrenaline-boosting activity, in the bedroom or out, drives up dopamine levels in the brain, bringing back some of that same heady excitement you had when you first met, says Fisher.

So try something daring together, whether it's mountain biking, kickboxing, dancing, even seeing a thriller or horror movie.

While the time apart can be tough, they find that it winds up doing great things for their sex life.

Another benefit of time apart is that it allows you to make a life for yourself outside of your relationship.

"It's important to have an identity as an individual, to be involved in activities that take you away from the home and each other and give you something of your own," says Sharna L. D., a certified sex therapist and relationship counselor in private practice in New York City.

D., co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sensual Massage.

"When you perceive a gap between you and your partner, you subconsciously feel challenged.

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