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Ulaskom na sajt potvrđujem da imam 18 ili više godina i da je legalno da pristupam potencijalno eksplicitnim sadržajima.

Takođe potvrđujem da sam zrela osoba koja svesno ulazi na sajt i vrši radnje koje su primerene osobama starijim od 18 godina.

In the southeast, the Balkan Mountains meet the Rhodope Mountains, connecting the country with Greece.

The Šar Mountain of Kosovo form the border with Albania, with one of the highest peaks in the region, Djeravica (2656 m).

The Carpathians meet the Balkan Mountains, following the course of Velika Morava, a 500 km long (partially navigable) river.

Midžor peak is the highest point in Eastern Serbia at 2156 m.

Winters are quite harsh in Sandžak because of the mountains which encircle that plateau.[3] Average annual air temperature for the period 1961–90 for the area with the altitude of up to 300 m amounts to 10.9 °C.

South and Southwest Serbia is subject to Mediterranean influences, however the Dinaric Alps and other mountain ranges contribute cooling down the biggest part of warm air masses.

The Syrmia region united with Serbia on November 24, 1918 and they were joined by Vojvodina (formerly an autonomous Habsburg crownland named Serbian Voivodship and Tamiš Banat) the following day after it proclaimed its secession from Austria-Hungary.

The current borders of the country were established following the end of World War II, when Serbia became a federal unit within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

By the beginning of the 14th century Serbs lived in four distinctly independent kingdoms- Dioclea, Rascia, Bosnia and Syrmia.[7][8][9] The Coronation of the Emperor Stefan Dušan in Skoplje, 1346At first heavily dependent on the Byzantine Empire as its tributary, in time the most powerful of the Serb states -Raška (Rascia) achieved full independence, overtaking the Kingdom of Duklja, which had previously dominated the Serbian lands between 11-12th centuries.

The centre of the Serb world (Raska, Duklja, Travunia, Zahumlje, Pagania and Bosnia) moved northwards, further from the Adriatic coast.

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