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This field, among general and uninformed public, has a bad image. Once I explained that everything is legal and that there is no connection in between those too and people understood.Or they did not, people’s opinions differ and they believe whatever they want to believe.Studio 20 franchise offers double the average profitability of franchises available today in Romania and worldwide.It remains your choice if for this significant additional profit you accept the role in it and choose to educate those around you about the video chat community.Obviously, there will always be other video chat studios practicing tax evasion and undeclared work.But we find this even in the catering sector (coffee shops, restaurants), retail trade, construction or other economic activities.

Legality is not promoted as a feature, it’s a mandatory basis that builds a stable business.

A: A team of people with over 15 years of experience in the video chat industry (starting with 1999), management skills and passion for the enterprise world.

Those people created Studio 20 with the idea of integrating this field of activity into normality in Romania.

Plus, the franchise system requires that all partners in the system must have the same procedures and values.

We couldn’t implement a franchise system for a video chat business if we wouldn’t have transparency and justifiability.

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A: You can make a studio from scratch alone, and you can learn and improvise on the fly. But most importantly, you will make a lot of mistakes and you will loose money until you find the right track.

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